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1. Rosemary: This sauce is a treat for vegetarians. It’s absolutely delicious on baked beans. Ever since I tried My Father’s Place Jerk Sauce over a year ago, I refuse to make baked beans without it. It’s also a must in my tempeh (cultured, GMO free soy beans) dishes and on sauteed veggies.

2. Benjamin: The best on mi chicken mon!

3. Melanie: I don’t eat meat so I use this on rice. It’s goood…very good.

4. John: We can’t grill without this.

5. Jennifer: Open the bottle and the SMELL! OMG Yumm!

6. Jeremiah: Every Sunday we eat jerked chicken and this is the reason. No more sinus problems too!*

* Our note: this sauce is spicy and known to help those with sinus issues.

7. Anonymous: This sh*t is good man. I now going to sell jerk chicken to my friends and family.

8. Pepsy: This sauce on a scale 1 to 10 is a 10000000

9. Victor: This sauce here is wicked! I’m a chef so I know. This sauce is mad!

10. Angie: My God this is good. I thought it would be like the other sauces runny and salt and pepper. I was wrong, this sauce is the best I ever had.

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